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Dog and Cat Baths
Spa services so your pet can feel splendid. It can be hard to juggle ten things at once, starting from work to kids and house chores. Have you missed a grooming appointment? Maybe you're going away for an extended period of time and can't give fido the bath he needs. This is why Florida Pet Sitting has integrated doggie & cat baths to make your life easier. Your furry friend never has to go another day without a bath because you were too busy with life. Our baths start from your own supplies and include basic wash, rinse and dry, all the way to nail trimming, flea baths and dematting.
Bathing Prices
bathing prices
* $10 fee for flea bath with conditioner finish for non-skin irritation (about 30 min)
* We use your bath products or Upgrade to John Paul Pet Products for an extra $5.
* Doggie and Cat Baths are only provided when a pet visit is scheduled.

* Only established clients can have a bath only visit, with a $10 travel fee.

John Paul Pet - Signature Bathing Products
Florida Pet Sitting believes that pets should always have the best things in life since the only thing they ever love is us. Give back to them by upgrading to John Paul Pet high quality products. Always tested on humans first! We will make sure your pet enjoys every single scrub and down to the old natural brushing all while stimulating a shinier and healthier coat.
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