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Overnight Pet Sitting
FLA Pet Sitting has well qualified and loving pet sitters that will stay at your home overnight to do their evening feed, take your pets out for that last Potty break, and tuck them in… These visits are excellent for your furry kids that have anxiety issues due to separation or just like to have someone to cuddle with them when they sleep. It can be an ideal option for that Puppy that still needs a middle of the night potty break. Give your Baby a great sleep over party while you are away. Our sitters will rise early, take them on that nice walk, and feed them breakfast. We make sure they are all set for the day. We can return for a midday visit and continue the overnights for as long as needed.
10 hour........$60.00
11 hour........$70.00
12 hour........$80.00
13 hour........$90.00
  • $5 for each additional pet over 2
  • An overnight pet sitting discount may apply for 7 and 14 days service       requests.
  • Our Overnight Pet Sitting service includes House Sitting security measures so that not only your pet is safe but also your home from any burglary.
  • $10 fee added to visits on holidays.
  • Must have key on file or a $5 fee for reservations scheduled less than 24 Hours before the visit will be applied.
Helping the pet sitter and your pet
Of course, even the most trustworthy, experienced pet sitter will have trouble if you haven't also kept your end of the bargain. Here are your responsibilities:
  • Leave clear instructions detailing specific pet-care responsibilities and emergency contact information, including how to reach you and your veterinarian.
  • Make reservations with your pet sitter early, especially during holidays.
  • Ensure your pet is well socialized and allows strangers to handle him.
  • Affix current identification tags to your pet's collar.
  • Maintain current vaccinations for your pet.
  • Leave pet food and supplies in one place.
  • Buy extra pet supplies in case you're away longer than planned.
  • Leave a key with a trustworthy neighbor as a backup, and give him and your pet sitter each other's phone numbers. Be sure those extra keys work before giving them out.
  • Show the pet sitter your home's important safety features such as the circuit breaker and security system.
Finally, have a safe and fun trip. And remember to bring your pet sitter's phone number in case your plans change-or you just want to find out how Fluffy and Fido are doing.
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